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Enduring a personal injury is a traumatic experience, and navigating the claims process is stressful, overwhelming, and confusing. Even a routine fender bender can raise perplexing insurance and legal issues.

We’re injury advocates who dedicate our lives to helping you get back to yours.

Our Guided Approach

No one should go through the claims process alone. Our proven methodology ensures you won’t. Here’s how we can help you:

About Polaris

With over 50 years of combined experience, Polaris has worked closely with over 6,000 clients to ensure their legal right to maximum compensation from the insurance companies, corporations, and individuals responsible for their injuries. We specialize in handling car, motorcycle, and truck accidents, slip and fall injuries, assault, wrongful death, and other types of catastrophic injury cases.

Our Expertise

Here’s how we can help:

Car Accidents

Auto accidents can leave you facing a long and painful recovery period. Do not leave your health and financial well-being in the hands of an insurance company. Work with an advocate who has your best interest in mind and can accurately evaluate your medical bills, pain, and suffering. Learn more

Slips & Falls

Slip and fall injuries are generally caused by a hazard that’s not immediately obvious, including loose flooring, uneven pavements, and slippery surfaces. These accidents can occur anywhere, and your injuries can affect your life for months or even years to come. Learn more

Pedestrian Crosswalk

When a pedestrian collides with a motor vehicle, the pedestrian loses every time. Pedestrian accident injuries can leave you enduring a long and painful recovery. We are here to help you every step of the way to receive fair compensation. Learn More

Dog Bites
According to Washington State law, anyone who “harbors, keeps, or is negligent with a dog” may be liable for the injuries they cause. In other words, the owner is responsible for the actions of their pet, regardless of the animal’s intent or mental state. Learn more
Truck Accidents

Semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, and 18-wheelers can cause a massive amount of physical damage and personal injuries. These lawsuits require an analysis of factors and state and federal regulations that are not often seen in other claims. Learn more

Motorcycle Accidents
In most situations, motorcycle accident injuries are significantly more serious than auto accident injuries. We have a special interest in helping people who have been injured or suffered a loss in motorcycle accidents through no fault of their own. Learn More

Car Accident


“I had a great experience with attorney Steve Lingenbrink and his team. I was in a serious car accident and had extensive injuries. Steve and his team were amazing. He was knowledgeable, caring and efficient. He worked with the insurance companies, hospitals and surgeons to ensure that I received that maximum amount for my settlement.

-Julie S.

Car Accident


“I have used Steve’s firm on 3 different personal injury claims for 3 separate auto accidents. Steve and his team are extremely professional and compassionate. In particular Heather Doss and Tracey Smith went above and beyond to negotiate with insurance companies and health insurance providers to achieve the best possible outcome for my cases. Every attention to detail on the costs of their services was documented and explained to the fullest. As I already have, I would hire them again and again. “

-Joe J.

Truck Accident


“Some close friends received some losses and small from being run off the freeway. They are older and didn’t know what to do as there other parties insurance was making an offer to settle. After my friends came back from Steve they were very happy and satisfied with his advise and treatment. They received a much better and fair settlement that speed up there recovery.”

-Steve F.

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