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The sudden death of a loved one causes massive, lasting damage to you and your family’s life. Minimize the financial impact by getting proper compensation with the help of our wrongful death lawyers in Everett.

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Ease Your Financial Burden

It’s especially devastating when a family member dies due to another’s negligence or misconduct. You suddenly lose a significant source of emotional support, income, and perhaps parental guidance.

The sudden loss brings a difficult time for your family. Our Everett wrongful death lawyers work hard so you can at least get help securing your finances.

Your lawyer will do everything they can to support you by gathering evidence, building a solid case, and negotiating with the parties involved. They’ll ensure you’re appropriately compensated for your loss.

How a Wrongful Death Lawyer Helps

Experts on Laws and Procedures

Each state’s wrongful death laws and pretrial procedures are different. By hiring Polaris Injury Lawyers, you’ll get an expert on Washington’s laws and processes. We will help you avoid errors, delays, and mistakes that could compromise your claim.

Guidance Through Your Case

Following your loved one’s untimely death, you’re not likely to be in a healthy enough mental condition to handle a wrongful death case yourself. Your attorney will guide you through everything, provide support, and help you choose the best courses of action.

Improve Negotiations

Unfortunately, settlement negotiations don’t go well for most wronged parties that don’t hire competent legal representation. Your wrongful death attorney in Everett will ensure the party at fault can’t trick you into agreeing to a small settlement.

Damages You Can Claim

There are two broad categories of damages in wrongful death cases: those experienced by the decedent and losses experienced by the decedent’s family.

Damages to the Decedent

You may recover damages that occurred to your loved one between the moment of the negligent act and their death. Possible damages include:

  • Your loved one’s physical and mental suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages during your loved one’s hospitalization
  • Funeral and burial expenses
Damages to the Family

The second category of damages allows your family to seek financial compensation for the losses you experienced after your loved one’s death. It will enable you to claim damages for the wages they would have earned until their anticipated retirement had it not been for their death.

Some states, including Washington, also allow you to claim loss of consortium. This lets you seek compensation for your loss of physical and emotional intimacy, your childrens’ loss of parental guidance, and the extent to which your loved one’s death disrupts your everyday life.

Loss of consortium can be claimed by either the decedent’s spouse or children.

Focus on Healing

You’re physically and emotionally drained. It’s not just your loved one’s death. You also have to make final arrangements, settle their estate, and fulfill their last wishes.

The last thing you want to be doing during such a delicate time is filing paperwork and negotiating with parties that are likely to prioritize minimizing their losses over providing proper compensation.

Hire a wrongful death lawyer in Everett. Let Polaris Injury Law handle your case for you so you can focus on healing.

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